Permanently self-cleaning facades
Free from dirt and algae

Your advantage with us

A fresh, clean facade is the calling card of every house and business house. Now, our product ensure this permanently.

The coating ensures the removal of dirt particles. Even fine particles are decomposed by photocatalytic properties of the coating. Coated facades are characterized by minimal water absorption and high water vapor diffusion capability. Conventional cleaning cycles can be significantly extended by the self-cleaning effect. This saves considerable cleaning costs and protects the environment and money bags.

Protection at a glance

  • Photocatalytic self-cleaning
  • Durable algae, moss and mold-free
  • Dirt repellent
  • Durable new effect, "as freshly painted"

Renovation, modernization - certainly an attractive and lucrative activity with regard to the market volume in the brewery. Service providers, this is often a special challenge.

The high level of competition and dumping prices in the facade industry make it difficult for professional users.

Well, if you can score with sustainable arguments here. Long-lasting clean and sustainable environmentally friendly, with little effort and high profitability throughout the year.

Our special solution for cleaning and cleaning old facades makes you a specialist in your industry.

All common facade constructions can be coated with our products.

The world of new façades is versatile. Different binding systems help to solve mineral coatings and paints,

  • mineral coatings and paints,
  • Cleaning and painting with plastic parts,
  • Facades made of natural stone or concrete.

Your new facade shines as long as new - you radiate with long-lasting customer satisfaction and the best customer service.

Our coatings do not consume, because the products are permanently used as a catalyst. The required active substance for the reaction is oxygen, which is sufficiently present in the ambient air. As a source of energy, the photocatalytic coating uses the natural solar radiation that provides the energy required for the reaction process.

The coating of the façade is carried out in the spraying process and requires about 3 min/m². Our sales representatives will be glad to advise you on the selection of the suitable product variant for old and new façades.

Environmental protection - your growth market

Not only the environmentally friendly property of the non-toxic products can be described as sustainable, but also the air-purifying side effect optimally optimizes urban and rural air quality by the power of light and oxygen.

Nitrogen oxides from car exhaust gases pollute the air in our inner city. They cause numerous damage and increase disease risks such as respiratory problems and others. Our product is able to remove more than 85% of harmful gases, eg exhaust oxides (NOx), formaldehyde, benzene and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in our environment quickly and effectively. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are mainly reduced to safe nitrates and can be easily washed away from the rain.

Naturally sustainable side effects

1,000 m2 of photocatalytically coated façade area are able to clean our air as efficiently as possible from pollutants within as little as 12 hours (hours) of light as 70 large lawns!

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