Solutions for permanent self-cleaning surfaces and pollutant removal in the environment

Permanently self-cleaning facades. Immune to organic impurities, algae of all kinds, mosses and mold. Facade protection of the new generation.

Permanent self-cleaning of façades and degradation of the surrounding air of pollutants

The photocatalytic coating for interior spaces is highly effective against VOC pollutants such as formaldehyde or benzene. In addition, germs, allergens and mold spores are decomposed. The indoor air quality is significantly and permanently improved and ensures more well-being and health. Also strong in odor neutralization.

Healthy indoor air due to permanent degradation of pollutants, allergens and germs

Clean the air of harmful pollutants and germs. Also activates the photocatalytic coating of walls and ceilings.

Photocatalytically active coating of luminaires and faceplates

The photocatalytically active NADISOLAR ® coating for each solar system for more performance and lower maintenance costs.

The photocatalytically active coating for each solar system for more performance and reduction of maintenance costs.

More power and perfect protection

With permanent self-cleaning effect and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Industrial coating of surfaces

Self-cleaning surfaces of the new generation for exterior and interior areas. Research, development and realization of permanent active surfaces for your starting material.

We develop for you


The new generation of Surface Technology

Unique properties and versatile use for indoor and outdoor areas.

Our outdoor products are mainly used for facades, glass fronts and building elements of all kinds. In addition to self-cleaning, our titanium dioxide coatings also have an amazingly potent air purification function due to the degradation of pollutants.

Consider: A photocatalytically coated area of 1,000 m² has an air purifying effect of 70 large laubbowers. In the medium term, savings can be achieved by reducing cleaning costs and facade restoration.

We have the solution you need: Made in Germany.

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  • What is Titanium dioxide? +

    Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an often found mineral. It is used as a white pigment in many indoor and outdoor colours. Titanium dioxide is nontoxic and is also used as a food additive. Titanium dioxide is approved in Germany as food grade E 171.

  • How does Titanium dioxide work? +

    Titanium dioxide has other properties beside its white colour if it is available in nanoscale size. As an anatas crystal Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst, this is the basis for the self-cleaning effect, the antibacterial effect, the air-cleaning property and the other features of TitanShield-coatings.

  • What accomplishes a Titanium dioxide-coating? +

    Titanium dioxide-coatings are used for the self-cleaning of surfaces, for air and water treatment, for deodorization and for sterilization.Titanium dioxide is able to kill viruses, spores and all kind of germs.

  • How thick is a coating with Titanium dioxide? +

    The Titanium dioxide-coating consists of a thin Titanium dioxide-layer on the surface. The thickness of the layer is approx. 200 to 350 nm, or 0.2 to 0.35 Micron.

  • Does the TiO2-coating affect the coated surface? +

    The Titanium dioxide-coating can affect organic compounds like resins. For such applications we offer primers. The primers consist of rutil TiO2 and protect the surface effective.

  • Is the TiO2-coating consumed by-and-by? +

    The Titanium dioxide-coating works as a catalyst. It is not consumed and it is effective permanently.

  • Does the TiO2-coating stain the surface? +

    There is no staining if Titandioxid is used as recommended.Every product is accompanied by a detailed manual.

  • Would you like to find out more? +

    There are more frequently asked questions about Titanium dioxide
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